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fogger 125

Portable electric ULV cold fogger SF-130 (plug powered)




Sterilization and disinfection for food processing industry, planting industry, sanitary

industry, transportation industry, public places, etc .Pest control, odor control and air

purification for airports, hospitals, hotels, households, factories, etc.



1. Unique hose design, swing to any angle, instant on/off switch, high efficiency, convenient.

2. High efficiency spraying that saves solution and labor.

3. Rotating sprayer without any blockage.

4. Air pressure auto-locking spray head to prevent leakage.

5.High-power motor withhigh speed spraying

Power: 1000W

Motor: 110V

Particle size: 10-50um (adjustable)

Atomization volume: 100-470ml/min (adjustable)

Tank capacity: 5L (1.32 Gallon)