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fogger 122

Cordless Portable Fogger

Portable Battery ULV cold fogger SF-750 (lithium battery powered)



Pest control, disinfection and vaccination in poultry house, hotel,

hospital, mall, station, restaurant and food processing plant.




1. Battery design, no power limit, more convenient

2. Three different size nozzles (<50 um, 50-100um, >100um) droplets

3. Module design, comfortable rubber handle

4. Large spraying area


Range: 16' - 26' feet

Particle size: 3nozzles: 0.8mm<40um,1.0mm<60um,1.5mm>60um

Spray volume: 80-150 ml/min (adjustable)

Charging time: 3-4h

Working time: 1-1.5h

Tank capacity: 2L (.53 Gallon)

Battery: 24V Lithium 8ah